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About Hypothetical Fighters Edit

Hypothetical Fighters are the fighting games based on the Deviant Fighters (created by authors) from the DeviantART. One of the developers such as Genisu Games, Draconian Games, Stylistic Nored, Futuristic Studios, etc are just acomplished for the hypothetical publisher.

From here, an games is called about The Hypothetical Fighting Company, it's also based on the games from the group call DF-Zone. This hypothetical publisher is maded by the romanian-syrian gamer, Mohamed Albahra who brought may the dreams to build games in the future for real as using IT. Where he knew complains it, he can created his games until having academy in 2020, he planning within several fighting games must get ready for future.

Fighting Games Edit

  1. Brutal Fists
  2. Death Sport
  3. Lord of the Underground

Fighters Edit

  1. Butcher Man
  2. Dark Blade
  3. Draco the Dragon
  4. Edmund Gareth
  5. El Grande
  6. Garou
  7. Grackalor
  8. Hibagon
  9. Hong Chang
  10. Iron Maiden
  11. Jenny Girard
  12. Jimmy Randalf
  13. Juro Takahiro
  14. Karen Daisy
  15. Koby Dominic
  16. Lilith
  17. Magenta
  18. Marco Adhemar
  19. Mejad
  20. Mike Runner
  21. Nestor Sevastan
  22. Ogoleithus
  23. Plasma Juggernaut
  24. Radior
  25. Reiko Hotaka
  26. Sanctorum
  27. Sheva Laronde
  28. Somchai A-Wut
  29. Toratsume
  30. Vetala

Acquires Edit

Mohamed have saws every games in Wikia may able to create the official videogame universe call Aethranorioum.

Based on Games from Game Ideas Edit

Following the games that is based on one of the games from Games Ideas Wikia such as Gamehand Productions (created by Mindscript) and ACS (created by SecondOpinion), which mean Ultima Games haves appeared.

Based on Games from Injustice Fanon Edit

One of the games was found in Injustice Fanon Wikia that will prove it as only one game, Arena World, Lineage, Godfall, Legacy and mostly Warhammer 40,000: Chronicles.

Based on Games from Game Creators Universe Edit

These, was ultimately discovered in Game Ideas about one of the developers; NINE100 Studios, Infinite Development Incorporated, Digital Electronics Computer Arts, etc.

Important articles Edit

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